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This will kill all the bees in the hive. Hive will also become very heavy due to water & within few hours will fall to the ground by itself, which can be cleared next morning. At rare times it may be necessary to spray pesticide again if certain moribund bees are found hovering around the hive.
The hive should be collected in a bag & burnt. The dust formulation of pesticide may be used when the nests are in the enclosed spaces. Dust will also move with the bees as they move in the colony & kill other individuals.
Once the bees are killed as may be noted by the absence of swarming bees the wall of the spaces should be opened & comb removed at the earliest otherwise there is a risk of other insects being attracted towards honey, which will run down from the hive & made the area messy.

Carpenter bees, bumblebees can be controlled using dust/aerosol formulation by applying it into galleries through entrance point & plugging this point so as to prevent escaping of the bees. Spray treatment with residual pesticide be carried out around the galleries to control the bees that might have returned to the area. Pyrethrins may be used as aquatic emulsion, dust formulation or aerosol application for such treatment.