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Rats and Mice Control Services provided by Evergreen Pest Control in Mumbai, Thane, Ambernath, Bhiwandi, Titwala. We have trained staff will apply this gel at all prone areas. Evergreen Rats and Mice Control in Mumbai, Thane, Ambernath, Bhiwandi and Titwala are very adaptable public health pests. They are not fussy eaters and can make themselves at home in houses, sheds, garages and gardens. As well as causing unpleasant odours and damage to property and possessions, Evergreen rodents can also pose a risk to human health. Rodents, commonly known as rats or mice are one of the most widespread & cunning pests. From homes to factories & hospitals to offices, they can be found everywhere even in the best kept premises, as long as it provides them with food & shelter. Apart from damage to metals and furniture, rodents cause food-contamination leading to diseases and an irreparable damage to your professional as well as personnel reputation. At Evergreen, we use the principles of Integrated Pest Management to control rats. We carry out a study of the premises to ensure effective rodent control.During this study the following aspects are taken into consideration.

  • Premises to be treated - home, bakery, hotel, pharma R & D, hotels.
  • Degree of attack
  • Common entry and exit points
  • Population
Also, our Pest Control personnel are throughly trained by practical on-site training. Moreover, we ensure the latest and the most effective technology is used for rodent control. Our two step rat control process includes:

Eliminating existing rats

The following methods are used to eliminate most of the existing rats.
  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Burrow Fumigation
  • Ultra Sonic Rodent Repeller Machine
Rats are very suspicious. Therefore they cannot be easily controlled by just putting any poison available in the market. Once a few rats eat the poison and die, the remaining learn a lesson through them and stay away from the poison. This typical nature of rats is called 'Bait shyness'.

To eliminate all the rats, we use a different type of poison known as an anti coagulant. It is mixed with a bait material and is very attractive to rats. It is more effective as it overcomes the bait shyness because rats do not die immediately. They die only after about four days.Hence they do not become bait-shy and their entire population starts eating the bait.With in a week all the rats die. Baits need to be checked periodically to ensure that sufficient bait is available for enire clan of rats

Burrow Fumigation

Field Rats can be controlled by fumigating their burrows. This is done by inserting tablets of phosphine gas into them. All the rats die and remain buried in the ground, thus solving any problem of unpleasant odour and disposing dead rats.

Ultra Sonic Rodent Repeller__

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are electronic transmitters of high frequency sound waves.They emit these sound waves at high decibel levels that is audible and painful to pests but is harmless to humans as they are inaudible to human ears. The pests will usually leave the area being protected by the ultrasound. They do not get killed by this method.
The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of repellers are within the hearing range of many pests and cause them pain and discomfort. Generally they will leave the area being protected immediately, in other cases it takes as long as two to three weeks before significant reduction in infestation occurs.

Preventing further Infestation

Prevention is always better than cure. Chemicals can kill rats but cannot prevent others from entring the premises. Rodents can always enter your premises through open doors and windows, floor drains, ventilators, cracks and breaks in foundations, holes around electrical circuits and pipes where they enter from foundations or go through floors and walls.We cover all these spots to prevent future infestation by rats.